Frequently Asked Questions


Below are some questions which are frequently asked by visitors to the site.


Q.  What other sizes of artwork do you produce?

A.  The standard size of artwork that I produce is upto A3 (42cm x 29.7cm). This provides me with a considerable blank canvas which enables me to include all the detail  I need to produce the standard of art you see in my website. Please contact me if you require artwork of a different size as I am willing to produce sizes to suit the individual customer.


Q.  How long does a commissioned piece of art take?

 A.  Please allow at least 40 days from time of order placement. Some of my work takes in excess of 50 hours to complete. Some work depending on detail may take longer to complete.


 Q.  What type of material/photographs do you require for a commission?

 A.  A good clear, close up photograph(s) of the subject is very important. As a guide, if the photograph is of an animal the fur should be clear and defined. Unfortunately I do not have the privilege of meeting your pet so I rely on the information obtained from the photographs, I can only draw what I can see, a clear and defined picture is crucial.

 If you would like a caricature of someone, more information on the subject would be required. not only a clear picture of the individual(s) face but hobbies, mannerisms, poses or props or any other information that you wish to include in the artwork.


Q.  Who owns the copyright to the finished artwork?

A.  Please note that all sales from Incredible Drawings does not include the copyright of the artwork. Copyright of the artwork always remains with the artist indefinately.


Q.  Do you ship artwork abroad?

A.  If you are requesting an item to be shipped to a non U.K. address then please contact me to confirm postage and packaging charges.


Q.  Is the artwork sold framed?

 A.  No, all artwork is sold unframed.


Please contact me if you require any further information.