A definitive range of Wildlife animal prints by Karl Nash.  Each piece is presented as a highly detailed graphite pencil drawing onto paper capturing the individualism of each subject. The artwork in pencil can take in excess of 50 hours to complete as I attempt to create as much depth and realism of the subject as possible.This is achieved only by studying the subject in order to extract as much detail and recreate the information onto paper.

Originals of a selection of the artwork displayed are still available for

purchase. Please contact me for more information.

Commissions of animals start from £300 per drawing.

Each drawing is produced on Heavyweight Cartridge paper.
 Dimensions of artwork: A3 (42cm x 29.7cm) unless stated otherwise.

Please click on the images below to view a close up of the detailof each drawing.
For purchases of high quality art from this web page please click HERE.


'Mountain Lion' fine art work.

'Mountain Lion'

An intriguing subject of a female mountain lion resting.

Subject taking approximately 30 hours to complete.

Order:  001

Original:  £280

'Bengal Tiger' fine art work.

'Bengal Tiger'

A majestic image of the big cat which eyes seem to follow you around the room.
Subject taking approximately 50 hours to complete.

Order: 002


 'African Lion' fine art work.

'African Lion'

King of the big cats.

Subject taking approximately 30 hours to complete.

Order:  003