My Other Artwork


On this web page are other examples of my art work that unfortunately are not for sale or no longer available. 

'Det Safety' fine art work.

'Det Safety'

This drawing illustrates a British Army EOD Operator in Northern Ireland removing a detonator from a beer keg main charge containing 55kg of high explosive to make it explosively safe. The Operator wears the Mk6 EOD suit to protect him from blast and fragmentation.



'Clearing the way' fine art work.

'Clearing the way'

In this drawing an Assault EOD team prepare a disruptor charge to neutralize an IED during a hostage siege. The ECM Operator provides cover for the EOD Operator, he is armed with a Heckler & Koch MP5 machine gun and, both are armed with Gloc 21 semi automatic pistols.  

Private commission. NOT FOR SALE.




'Dismantling the PRIG' fine art work.

'Dismantling the PRIG'

An EOD Operator dismantles a 'Projected Recoiless Improvised Grenade' during an EOD Task in the town of Lurgan, Northern Ireland following a failed attack on a PSNI armoured vehicle. The EOD Operator wears the MK6 EOD suit which provides him with protection against the explosive hazard  of the improvised weapon during the dismantling process.